RIPE Routing Information Service

“The RIPE Routing Information Service (RIS) is a RIPE NCC service. With the help of network operators all over the world, RIS employs a globally distributed set of Remote Route Collectors (RRCs), typically located at Internet Exchange Points, to collect and store Internet routing data. Volunteers peer with the RRCs using the BGP protocol and RIS stores the update and withdraw messages. RIS data can be accessed via:

  • RIPEstat, the “one-stop shop” for all available information about Internet number resources. RIPEstat uses individual widgets to display routing and other information;
  • RIS Live, a real time BGP streaming API allowing server-side filtering of BGP messages by prefix or autonomous system;
  • RIS Raw Data, available for each route collector, with state dumps and batches of updates made available periodically;
  • RISwhois, that searches the latest RIS data for details of an IP address using a plaintext “whois”-style interface. It is useful when querying RIS data using scripts.”

Terms of Service

CollectorURLLocationStart DateNotes
rrc00 Multihop, Amsterdam03 Sep 1999
rrc01 / LONAP, London27 Jul 2000
rrc02 Mar 2001ends 2 Oct 2008
rrc03 / NL-IX, Amsterdam17 Jan 2001
rrc04, Geneva04 Apr 2001
rrc05, Vienna13 Jun 2001
rrc06 / JPIX, Tokyo30 Aug 2001
rrc07, Stockholm04 Apr 2002
rrc08 May 2002ends 2 Sep 2004
rrc09 May 2003ends 4 Feb 2004
rrc10, Milan10 May 2003
rrc11, New York City13 Feb 2004
rrc12, Frankfurt06 Jul 2004
rrc13, Moscow24 May 2005
rrc14, Palo Alto01 Jan 2005
rrc15, Sao Paulo14 Dec 2005
rrc16, Miami01 Feb 2008
rrc18, Barcelona04 Nov 2015
rrc19 Africa JB, Johannesburg28 Jan 2016
rrc20, Zurich04 Nov 2015
rrc21, Paris04 Nov 2015
rrc22, Bucharest22 Dec 2017RIBs only before 08 Jan 2018
rrc23 SG, Singapore22 Dec 2017RIBs only before 08 Jan 2018
rrc24 Multihop, Montevideo22 Feb 2019
rrc25 Multihop, Amsterdam18 Feb 2021
rrc26, Dubai1 Jul 2021